Think bbq – the West African version. Yep, it’s delicious tender pieces of meat, but dial up the heat, add in tons of flavour with a distinctly wood-smoked twist and boom, you’ve got zuya (it’s pronounced zuu-ya, by the way).

It’s the original West African street food, loved by millions from Ghana and Nigeria down to Cameroon, where we’re from. We make ours extra special by marinading it in our homemade spice rub (handed down by grandpa) for a whole 48 hours to really let the flavour infuse before grilling it over a wood-fired grill to give it that essential smokiness.

We recommend eating zuya with a side of rice, salad or – our fave – plantain, all washed down with an ice-cold beverage.

Zuya at home

Create your very own tasty zuya at home. Our bottled sauces and marinades are available online or instore.

From mild to hot hot hot, our range is versatile enough to pair with anything that needs a little flavour-boom-kick-boost!

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