Food brings people together. Family, friends, households and even entire communities. Food ultimately gives us energy but it's a lot more than just a fuel. It teaches us about our heritage, it can stimulate all of our five senses. It gives you a comforting feeling. Food reminds us of places we've visited and is always a segue into a story. 

Take a second to think back to any memorable moment in your life, food will always be in this memory. This is because it's a platform to bring family and friends together. Food has a powerful ability to change things, for example, a talk on the phone turns into a gathering with friends you have not seen in months creating a life long memory. Food is so powerful it can transform acquaintances into friendships.

SaltyMalty is an artisan business sourcing fresh ingredients from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria and beyond. We have extensive experience in catering for events that have in excess of 100 people. We also have a strong presence in catering for small gatherings, even for a couple sharing a wine on a Saturday evening. SaltyMalty has the ability to tailor the perfect platter or grazing box to suit any experience or event.

​Life long memories created with friends and food.




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