List of All Hatted Restaurants in Melbourne for 2024

3 Hats Restaurants in Melbourne

  • Vue de Monde (CBD)
  • Attica (Ripponlea)
  • Amaru (Armadale) 

2 Hats Restaurants in Melbourne

  • Minamishima (Richmond)
  • Navi (Yarraville)
  • Ishizuka (CBD)
  • Restaurant Gaea (Fitzroy)
  • IDES (Collingwood)
  • O.MY Restaurant & Bar (Beaconsfield)

1 Hat Restaurants in Melbourne

  • Kazuki’s – (Carlton, Melbourne, VIC) 
  • Society – (Melbourne CBD, Melbourne, VIC) 
  • Cutler & Co. Dining Room – (Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC) 
  • Akaiito – (Melbourne CBD, Melbourne, VIC)
  • Gimlet at Cavendish House – (Melbourne CBD, Melbourne, VIC) 
  • Grossi Florentino Restaurant, Grill & Cellar Bar – (Melbourne CBD, Melbourne, VIC) 
  • Greasy Zoes – (Hurstbridge, Melbourne, VIC) 
  • CHAE – (Cockatoo, Melbourne, VIC) 

3 hats restaurants Melbourne

3 Hats Restaurants in Melbourne: Vue de Monde, Amaru, and Attica

Melbourne is home to a select group of esteemed restaurants that have achieved the distinguished honour of receiving three chef’s hats in 2024, highlighting unparalleled culinary mastery and creativity:

Vue de Monde: Sky-High Culinary Artistry

At Vue de Monde, the experience is a blend of culinary mastery and Melbourne’s breathtaking skyline from the summit of the Rialto Tower. This establishment transcends traditional dining, offering an adventure that exceeds expectations. High above Melbourne, inside the iconic Rialto Tower, it presents a view that perfectly accompanies its remarkable culinary creations. Chef Shannon Bennett leads with innovation, crafting visually striking dishes that explore new dimensions of flavour and texture. The meticulous care in service and attention to detail make dining here a comprehensive gastronomic delight.

Amaru: A Journey of Seasonal Splendor

Amaru, meaning “a lovely place of love,” is a culinary retreat in the vibrant Armadale area, emphasising the beauty of the changing seasons. Under the guidance of Chef Clinton McIver, each dish is a testament to his passion for fresh, local ingredients, carefully assembled to offer a unique taste experience. The intimate atmosphere and thoughtful service wrap guests in comfort, inviting them to relish every aspect of their visit. With a progressive take on Australian cuisine and a commitment to sustainability, Amaru stands out as a beacon for discerning gastronomes.

Attica: Transformative Flavours of Australia

Attica is a haven for culinary innovation, where Chef Ben Shewry’s imaginative creations pay homage to Australia’s vast and varied landscape. Situated in the tranquil suburb of Ripponlea, this restaurant offers more than just a meal—it promises an enlightening culinary journey. Shewry’s commitment to sustainability and community shapes a menu that’s both a celebration of local ingredients and a challenge to conventional dining. Attica is not just a restaurant; it’s a destination where every dish tells a story of place and passion, setting the benchmark for culinary excellence worldwide. 2 hats restaurants Melbourne

Melbourne’s Premier Two-Hats Restaurants of 2024

Melbourne boasts an exclusive list of six restaurants that have earned the prestigious two-hat accolade in 2024, showcasing exceptional culinary artistry and innovation:

IDES: A Creative Culinary Adventure

In the heart of Collingwood, IDES presents a dining adventure led by the imaginative Chef Peter Gunn. This venue is celebrated for its dynamic and ever-changing tasting menu that captivates with unexpected delights at every turn. Chef Gunn’s inventive approach and commitment to excellence make IDES a standout, reflecting Melbourne’s dynamic food culture where innovation meets tradition.

Navi: Yarraville’s Local Delight

Nestled in Yarraville, Navi, under the guidance of Chef Julian Hills, offers a culinary exploration of local produce. This intimate and warmly inviting space serves as the backdrop for a menu that highlights the freshest local ingredients, transformed into creative and flavourful dishes. Navi’s dedication to local sourcing and its relaxed yet attentive service underscore Melbourne’s vibrant gastronomy.

Gaea: Nature’s Harmony on a Plate

Gaea, led by Chef Mo Zhou in Fitzroy, is an intimate culinary haven seating only 16 guests, where each dish is a tribute to the abundance of Australian produce. Embracing the cycles of nature, Gaea’s menu is a testament to sustainability and ethical practices, offering a degustation that narrates the story of food in harmony with the environment.

Minamishima: The Essence of Sushi Artistry

Richmond’s Minamishima provides an authentic omakase experience that channels the essence of Japanese sushi craftsmanship. Chef Koichi Minamishima’s expertise shines through each delicately prepared sushi piece, offering a tranquil and traditional dining ambience that pays homage to Japanese culinary traditions.

Ishizuka: An Exquisite Kaiseki Journey

Ishizuka in Melbourne’s CBD is a sanctuary of Japanese kaiseki cuisine, where Chef Tomotaka Ishizuka’s multi-course tasting menu is a celebration of Japanese culinary finesse. The serene atmosphere and meticulously balanced dishes reflect a deep respect for tradition and the art of Japanese cooking, promising a memorable and refined dining experience.

O.MY Restaurant & Bar: Farm-to-Table Excellence

At O.MY Restaurant & Bar in Beaconsfield, the Bertoncello brothers bring their passion for farm-to-table dining to the forefront. The seasonal menu, enriched by the bounty of their farm and local producers, emphasises sustainability and the joys of community and craftsmanship in every dish. O.MY embodies the essence of farm-fresh dining in a rustic and welcoming setting. These six two-hatted establishments in Melbourne for 2024 are not just restaurants; they are destinations offering unique and unforgettable culinary experiences that highlight the best of what Melbourne’s vibrant food scene has to offer. 1 hat restaurants Melbourne

Melbourne’s 2024 One-Hat Restaurants: A Tapestry of Flavors

Kazuki’s: Japanese Tradition Meets Modern Elegance

Located in Carlton, Kazuki’s is where the meticulous craft of Japanese cuisine is infused with a contemporary twist. This restaurant is a testament to the harmony between traditional Japanese techniques and modern culinary innovation, offering an intimate and refined dining experience.

Society: The Modern Australian Narrative

Society, located in the CBD, is a reflection of the evolving Australian culinary scene, presenting innovative dishes that highlight the best of local produce. This restaurant exemplifies the creativity and diversity of Modern Australian cuisine, making it a vibrant addition to Melbourne’s food culture.

Cutler & Co. Dining Room: A Fusion of European and Australian Flavours

Fitzroy’s Cutler & Co. Dining Room elegantly combines European culinary techniques with Australian ingredients, offering a sophisticated and contemporary dining experience. The restaurant’s chic atmosphere and meticulous approach to cuisine make it a standout in Melbourne’s dining scene.

Akaiito: The Essence of Japanese Sophistication

Akaiito, in the heart of the CBD, offers a unique take on Japanese cuisine, blending traditional techniques with a modern aesthetic. The restaurant’s kaiseki-inspired menu and robatayaki offerings provide a culinary exploration of Japan’s diverse flavours.

Gimlet at Cavendish House: Celebrating European Classics

Set in a restored 1920s building in the CBD, Gimlet at Cavendish House brings European dining to life with its elegant menu and sophisticated ambiance. This restaurant is a nod to the timeless appeal of European culinary traditions, offering a refined dining experience.

Greasy Zoes: Inventive Modern Australian Cuisine

Greasy Zoes, nestled in the charming locale of Hurstbridge, epitomises the spirit of Modern Australian cuisine with its inventive and sustainable approach to dining. This boutique restaurant is celebrated for its commitment to locally sourced ingredients, creating a unique and intimate culinary experience.

Grossi Florentino Restaurant Grill & Cellar Bar: The Heart of Italy in Melbourne

In the bustling CBD, Grossi Florentino stands as an icon of Italian gastronomy, offering a journey through Italy’s rich culinary landscape. From the casual elegance of the Grill & Cellar Bar to the refined dining room, Grossi Florentino marries tradition with innovation.

CHAE: A Fresh Perspective on Korean Cuisine

In the scenic town of Cockatoo, CHAE reimagines Korean cuisine with an emphasis on fusion and innovation. This intimate dining spot offers a contemporary take on traditional Korean flavours, creating a unique and memorable dining experience. These one-hatted restaurants in Melbourne for 2024 showcase the city’s rich culinary diversity, each offering unique flavours and experiences that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Melbourne’s gastronomy. Melbourne's Good Food Chef Hats

What are Hatted Restaurants?

Hatted restaurants are establishments awarded one or more chef’s hats, similar to Michelin stars, as a symbol of culinary excellence. This accolade is specific to certain regions, such as Australia, where it is part of the annual Australian Good Food Guide (AGFG) awards. Restaurants are judged on various criteria, including the quality of ingredients, taste, presentation, and innovation of dishes, as well as the ambience, service, and overall dining experience they offer. The number of hats awarded (one, two, or three) signifies the level of achievement, with three hats representing the highest level of dining excellence. This system provides diners with a benchmark for identifying outstanding restaurants.

Melbourne: A Culinary Adventure in Australia’s Food Paradise

Melbourne, often heralded as Australia’s culinary capital, is a veritable playground for food enthusiasts, boasting an impressive array of award-winning restaurants. From the innovative twists on traditional Australian fare to the authentic flavours of international culinary traditions, the city’s vibrant food scene is a reflection of its multicultural tapestry. Each restaurant, whether it’s adorned with chef’s hats or celebrated by locals, contributes to Melbourne’s reputation as a destination where dining is not just about the food but about the stories, the passion, and the creativity behind each dish. Here, every meal is an opportunity to explore new tastes, encounter different cultures, and revel in the joy of excellence.

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