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As a multitasking mum of three with a passion for baking, I've always found joy in creating delectable treats that spread smiles and laughter. But how does a teacher, accountant, and former cake decorator find herself at the helm of a brownie empire, you might wonder?

The Brownie Bar emerged from the depths of Victoria's COVID lockdowns, a beacon of brightness amidst the gloom. In pursuit of spreading cheer, I embarked on a quest to perfect the art of the brownie, ultimately birthing our beloved Signature Death By Chocolate. From there, my culinary adventures led me to explore a myriad of flavours, textures, and dietary preferences, resulting in our diverse range of offerings.

As a fully council-registered small home business, we are a hard-working team of myself, my husband and two of our older children (the youngest is only one!). The actual production of brownies is solely handled by myself, while during busy periods, it is usually an all-hands-on-deck experience as everyone in the family pitches in to pack, label, address and ship all the orders efficiently. We pour our hearts and souls into every batch, ensuring that each brownie that graces your doorstep is crafted with love and dedication. Your support means the world to my small family, and we hope that each bite of our treats brings you as much joy as we experienced in their creation.

Thank you for choosing to support our small business. Here's to many more moments of sweetness shared together!

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