Living Koko is an Australian company producing small-batch food, beverage and body products, made from cacao sourced by independent small plot farmers in Samoa and other Pacific Islands.

Our focus is on creating high quality indulgent and nutritious products, with our range including delicious rich chocolate bars, restorative and calming drinking cacao and teas, festive alcohol-free cacao beer, and luscious skin and body products.

Our products are handmade in Melbourne, Australia, and showcase the versatility and potential of cacao and the incredible power it has to heal and nourish the human body, inside and out. We believe in retaining the purity and goodness of our organic cacao, with our products sustainably and ethically produced and free from preservatives, artificial ingredients, allergens, and animal products.

Established in 2014, Living Koko is owned by husband-and-wife team Glen Reiss and Phoebe Preuss. Phoebe and Glen are supported by a team of dedicated koko-loving staff in the company’s home base in Melbourne, Australia, and a network of independent small-plot cacao farmers in Samoa and Papua New Guinea (PNG).

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